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Mushka Town

Project Founded in mid-2014 by Miguel Nava, creator and producer of Dub and Stepper Music in Mexico, using For the digital home audio producing it was used different DAWŽs such as: Fl Sudio, Reason 5 and Ableton Live. He has shared stage with national and international artists of the Dub scene. He is participating in cunjuction with Joel Nieto aka Yo & Yoel, on another project called « Natural Skankers »

Mushka Town is a place where Dub is the Communication method of natives, who do not speak, but thythmically dance to communicate. This project shows us how using the bass waves by snare, kick and hat hits we can connect on a sigle frequency while dub dance is a form of meditation achieved by the movement of all together in one Same pace.

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